Example :



  1. Question : Number + underscore + 1 space + CONTENT + END OF PARAGRAPH
  2. Answers : letter + underscore + 1 space + CONTENT + END OF PARAGRAPH
  3. Right answer : got a * before the END OF PARAGRAPH
  4. Question/answers set SEPARATOR : one empty line
  5. End of the document : just ONE LINE empty
W2QTI is a Wiquid product. Read here the terms of use.

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Welcome to the Word -> QTI converter for Choice interaction (single or multichoice). This converter generates an item zip package for the TAO platform, or any platform that can import QTI format.

Your word document must respect a simple format. Check the format, modify your document and then paste your work in the text area.
You can download here a Word.docx modele to help you.
Please because of TAO import limitation, stay under 100 items in a package. Choose to roll over errors and messages in TAO import options. If you have any problems with TAO import, reduce the number of items in a package.

2.Paste your items below

3.Convert and download your item package

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